CHANGING THE PERCEPTION of sourcing from china

We are revolutionizing the entire sourcing process


When we founded Proudly Sourcing, we didn’t want to be like everyone else. We started with a vision to change the negative perception that all products made in china are poorly made. We are committed to doing this one order, one import at a time. There are so many suppliers and manufacturers that it is hard to find the ones who will produce quality products at reasonable prices so that is where we started. We’ve established relationships with some of the best suppliers in each area so we can offer you a finished product you will be satisfied with.

Our company started by importing products ourselves and have experienced firsthand the bad quality issues, costly communication breakdowns and not knowing who to trust. This is how we know exactly what you are going through or might experience as you start your journey into importing products from China. By learning and building from each of these negative experiences, we have designed our entire company to support and show companies how to manufacture and source quality products from China. The entire team is committed to making sure you don’t experience the same sourcing headaches we have gone through. We know that the process we have put in place has all the right checks and balances. Our sourcing agents in China are handpicked, trained on quality control standards and tested to make sure they understand everything we communicate to them. 

Our clients are important to us, on a personal level. We are here to help you succeed and grow your business. We know everyone starts somewhere and we want to be the company that makes fulfilling your vision easier. As a company, we are constantly updating our technology and training our sourcing agents to make sure we can provide you with the most efficient services for sourcing from China. 

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